Make sure that you read and understand these rules – ignorance is no excuse!

Categories of rules and expected penalties are listed at the bottom of this page – READ THEM !


These rules are additional to, and to be read in conjunction with, the rules as laid down by the Administrators of the Case’s ladder system.


The Administrators of UIC Snooker reserve the right to modify these rules from time to time as new situations arise.

Every effort will be made to inform all UIC Snooker members of any and all such rule changes.


If you cannot, or if you refuse to, abide by these rules then the UIC Snooker is NOT the place for you and it is strongly suggested that you move on.


You MUST be a registered UIC Snooker player to participate in this competition.


Summary of rule violations that will bring about a penalty

(see statutory penalties at the bottom of this page)


You may be penalised for any of the following:


1.   If you quit or forfeit on your opponent before a game has ended.

2.   If you disrespect UIC Snooker, it's Staff or fellow members at anytime, anywhere.

3.   If you are seen to deliberately cause trouble for UIC Snooker or it's members anytime, anywhere.

4.   If you are caught cheating in any way at all.

5.   If you bring the UIC Snooker name into disrepute anytime, anywhere.

6.   If you boot a competing player from a table at anytime.

7.   If you play on another person's ID.

8.   If another person plays on your ID.



An Admin in UIC Snooker is not a position of power but rather one of support, however, UIC Snooker Admins are still to be respected by all members if, for nothing else, the voluntary hours that are put in to make this competition.


Admin in UIC Snooker – definition: A person that is responsible for members support services. such as:


New member activations

Last minute name changes

Suggested rule and policy changes

Match day rule interpretations

Website and stats updates

Good order and discipline in the lobby and at match tables




1.1    No Forced Forfeits, "FF", under any circumstances. This includes, quitting and forfeiting on your opponent before a game has ended.

1.2   Sportsmanship is an expected requirement with UIC Snooker. Remember to use common sense.

1.3   Disrespect of UIC Snooker, it's Staff and fellow members is not accepted at any time in either the lobby, the game tables, nor on yim's.

1.4   Deliberately causing trouble in the lobby,  the game tables, or yim's will not be tolerated and will be subject to a 6 week boxing.

1.5  Any dispute or other issue that you may have against another member, or staff member, must be taken to a private message and NEVER aired in the lobby.

1.6  Any form of cheating is unacceptable.

        This includes, the proven use of aiming assistance programs, bringing up the cancel box and FF if your opponent gets booted.

        Other forms of cheating will be looked at on an individual basis.

1.7   No member is to ever bring the name of the UIC Snooker into disrepute, either in the lobby of any room by spamming or in any other way.

1.8   Admins are the sole arbiters in any ‘on the spot’ decisions at any given match and all players must respect their judgment.

1.9   The playing schedule is to be strictly adhered to. There will be absolutely no changes or rescheduling made at any time (unless approved by UIC Snooker Head Admin/Co-Head Admins).


1.10   A player, should they wish to do so, may arrange for a match to be played at any time in the week immediately prior to the scheduled match  but must make their own arrangements with their opponent - should their opponent not agree then the match is to proceed as scheduled.


1.11   Matches are NOT to be reported in the Forum ahead of the schedule, for instance, in other words do NOT report week 4 before week 3 is concluded and ruled off in the forum.

1.12  Any rematches that we may come across MUST be played within 48 hours, unless prior arrangements have been made with the UIC Snooker Admins.

         If it is not, score will remain as is.


1.13  A table host may NOT boot a competing player from a table however, they may ask an Admin for permission to boot anyone if they are thought to be causing any disruption to a game in progress or who are considered to be an intimidating presence for either competing player.


1.14  Any complaints about any rule violations, admins, or opposing players are to be substantiated with a screenshot and forwarded to the UIC Snooker Administrators.





2.1    Any screen name used must match your Game Desire name.


2.2    Where Cases doesn't accept the 'dot' IDs you must sign in with an underscore and then change it to the dot via the user editor link on the main page - failure to do so will result in you playing under an incorrect ID and thereby culminating  in a disqualification.

If you are unable to do this yourself then ask one of the leadership team to do it for you but it is your responsibility to check that it has been done.

Obvious typos or slight variations are not considered attempts to defraud.


2.3    Where Cases doesn't accept overly long names use a shortened version of it to sign up and an admin will change it for you.


2.4    Any @sbc.global.net names are permitted to use the first part of the name if they are too long. i.e lst.judge@sbc.global.net would be permitted to use lst.judge.


2.5    Players who have been booted in any game and have had their Game Desire ID banned may, if a UIC Snooker Admin agrees, re-enter the game with a different ID. (This is ONLY permitted if the player is banned whilst actually playing, Screenshot Required)


2.7    If you change your league name you may do it yourself but please let a UIC Snooker Admin know so that changes can be made to UIC Snooker pages (updating new name in player stats, team lists, MVP points, credit games etc..).

Searching and matching new names is a very time consuming exercise that Admins have to undertake every week and one that we would rather do without, especially with Case's new beta pages, so please be considerate.




3.1    You are only allowed ONE account with UIC Snooker. If more then one account is detected it may result in ALL accounts being deleted and that includes all match histories. Additionally your may possibly forfeit all points gained up to and including the time of the offence.

3.2      It is your responsibility to make sure you have a valid Email address; if not then you wont receive any newsletter information we send out and that could possibly work against you.

If one is found to be invalid it may result in your name being removed from UIC Snooker.

Updating this can be done under User Editor on the main page.


3.3      There will only be one ID from any one household permitted to play in any match on the same night unless they have been cleared by the CO-HAs.


3.4      Should members from the same household be allowed to play it is preferable that they use separate computers to do so and remain at the table during the whole match.





4.1   All tables are to be public, 20 minute times, rated and no chips unless otherwise stated beforehand.

4.2    Attempting to intimidate an opponent with “jinxing” or “taunting” or other insulting remarks is not permitted.

4.3   There no reracks are permitted in UIC Snooker.


4.4    Any disputes will be settled by the admin on duty and any decision made is final.

Failure to comply with the instruction of the Admin on duty in any dispute will result in the disqualification of the offender.


5.      TIMERS


5.1 In the regular season, the timer is 7 minutes.

For instance:
If a player is called to play but isn't at the table he/she will be put on a timer. The timer is 7 minutes.
If the timer expires he/she loses.

If a player has commenced a game and leaves table or is frozen and a timer is called - the timer is 7 minutes.
If the player returns to the game before the 7 minute timer is up then the time they have been gone is counted if another timer is called on that player.

Any timer imposed is cumulative, and does not restart at the full amount.

(In Finals timers are extended from 7 to 10 minutes)


5.2     If a player is a "no show" when a match is due to start there will be one straight 10 minute timer imposed once this is up the player will be DQ'd. 

(In Finals timers are extended from 7 to 10 minutes)


5.3     If either player is a no show then the match will be awarded to the higher ranked player.




6.1    Each Saturday you are scheduled to play a match of 3 frames against another player, in 1 v 1 format.  


6.2    The match ends when all 3 frames are completed, the player with the most frames won is declared the winner.


6.3    Make sure you display sportsmanship and courtesy towards your opponents and any UIC Snooker Staff. Never dispute their decision, as they are trained to handle all situations.

Of course it is possible that a mistake could be made, but we must still continue on and not argue with UIC Snooker staff, just like in any other team competition.



On completion of any match the players (both winner and loser) MUST post the result in the UIC Snooker Forum. 


If you are unsure how to do this see how to here >>reporting standard or ask an Admin.

If you don't post the results of the match and it is a repeated occurrence you will receive NO points or credits - DON'T MAKE US CHASE YOU!


6.5   New players must familiarise themselves with the rules. Should there be something that they do not know or do not understand then they are to contact an admin for clarification.


6.6   If you disagree with an Admin's decision, you must accept it and continue on. 


6.7  You may appeal any decision made AFTER the match you are playing - not during.




 PLAYER VACANCY (Player withdraws or is DQ’d from the UIC Snooker competition)

7.1     The first player that applies to fill the vacancy or the player that is in top position on the UIC Snooker waiting list shall fill the vacancy that this scenario creates.

7.2     Up until the halfway point in any season the incoming player shall assume the ladder and position of the outgoing player and also take on all points accrued by the outgoing player.

After the halfway point  the incoming player will assume the bottom position on the ladder and must build their own points totals from that point onwards.

7.4     Should a player be a NO SHOW 3 times in succession in any Season (without a valid and reasonable excuse) then it may result in that player being removed from UIC Snooker.



Players will earn game credits whenever any of the following occurs:

a)    A player is ready to play at the tables and the opposition player is a 'no show'.

c)    A player has an enforced bye due to the player that they would have otherwise have played  being disqualified or withdraws from UIC Snooker.


9.       FINALS (includes Consolation Trophy)


The 1st and 2nd Semi finals and the Preliminary final will be 1 match of 3 frames.

The Grand Final will be 1 match of 5 frames.


10.      CAMTASIA






        Coaching IS permitted in UIC Snooker!


12.    AIMERS


12.1  Accusations, veiled comments or even joking about AA will first be largely ignored.

Do it once or even twice then it doesn't matter.

It's not UIC Snooker's problem if you wish to make an idiot of yourself and earn nothing but disrespect from your peers.

However, if there is continued harassment about it, in the UIC Snooker lobby, on tables or in the 'accused' home room (and there will be no warning about this) or on Instant messengers -- Then banishment from UIC Snooker awaits any offenders and it is MOST DEFINITELY ENFORCED.

Don't let this happen to you as it only serves to disadvantage yourself.




13.1    Rules and penalties for any breach have been sorted into 4 categories with Category A being the most serious through to Category D being more of a misdemeanor.

This has been done so that you will know in advance what the likely penalty will be for any given action and therefore govern yourself accordingly.


13.2    It is the your responsibility to ensure that these rules are complied with – Don’t ever say you haven’t been warned ---- Your fate is in your own hands!!!

Category A
- Proven cheating of any kind.
- Insults and/or racist comments to another member.
- Defaming the UIC Snooker whilst a current member or a current boxed member of UIC Snooker.
- Repeated breaking of lesser offence rules - Categories B through E.

PENALTY: Banishment from UIC Snooker.

Category B
- Continued abuse of other members.
- Behaviour that shows the UIC Snooker in a bad light to members and non-members.

- Abuse, and otherwise disrespect, of UIC Snooker staff or other individual members or leagues.
- Repeated breaking of lesser offence rules – Categories C or D.

PENALTY: NOT less than 90 days in the penalty box

Category C
- Ignoring an  Admin’s rulings or call for cessation.
- Arguing, harassment or intimidation of another member in the forum, lobby, and game table or in Instant messages. 
- Repeated breaking of lesser offence rules – Category D.

PENALTY: NOT less than 30 days in the penalty box.

Category D
- Force forfeiting another member.
- Spamming another Interleague without permission during a UIC Snooker tournament.
- Taunting or jinxing during a game.
PENALTY: NOT less than 8 days in the penalty box.


14    You may appeal any penalties incurred by their players but must do so in a respectful and business like fashion.




15.     UIC Snooker reserves the right to add to or modify these rules at any time should the occasion arise.