Click on Report Forum link on main page

Use you league ID and pw (admins use your admin name and pw)

In the subject line, report like this:

Week 1 - Judge1 def Clawed_balls - 2 -1 (use own IDs here)

or like this:

Clawed_balls def by Judge1 - 1 - 2

In the body, report like this using the actual game scores:

Frame 1 Judge1 def Clawed_balls 75 - 34

Frame 2 Clawed_balls def Judge1 91 - 24

Frame 3 Judge1 def Clawed_balls 76 - 42


Once completed submit the post (if you make a mistake simply post a follow up)

Reporting this way enables us to uitlise the points system and ensures that you get the correct points added to your total..

Failure to report as indicated will possibly cause you to miss out on points to which you are entitled.